1.) How to watch video from our websites easily ?

First, visit on our websites, and find the drama you want to watch. Example: Captain Of Destiny. Click the drama, you will see the drama details page, and the list of episodes is show in the right hand sidebar. Click the episodes you want to watch, ex: episodes 1, you will redirect to the video page, please click the video and play it or you felt troublesome watch with the main video sources, you may choose the other video sources to watch , source 1 2 3 4.

Source 1: Mp4 (streaming speed fast)Capture

Source 2: Google Video ( Streaming Speed Fast, No ads)


Source 3: Vixtreme (Streaming Speed Medium, Have ads, Non- HD)


Source 4: Videomega (Streaming Speed Slow, Because it is HD version , recommend                        the people who have 2mbps internet connection above speed to watch)


Dailymotion Sources: (Streaming Speed fast, no ads, HD, easy deleted due to copyright)


2.) Find the Latest Update by us in the websites:

When enter the homepage, you will see the  recent post on the right hand side, recent update by us.



3.) If you are unable find the drama, you may type drama name in the search button,      if you don’t found it , you may request to us by inbox to our facebook.






4.) How to Find The Drama List?

Find the HK Drama fast by click the drama menu, select hk drama, you will see the list of drama name and the latest update


Untitled5.) How to use our ChatGroup Features ?

Scroll Down to below and you will found a tab. That tab is a chatgroup. By Click the tab, you insert what comment you want, and then will appear set name option ( temporary name, or sign up a account). write a temporary name and post the comment ( Example: Type hi and hit enter)

By Using our chatgroup , you may post your suggestion and opinion regarding the websites if there any changes need to update. Again and Thanks for Support Our Websites.






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