K9 Cop – 警犬巴打

Description: After losing both parents at a young age, Lai Yat-tsau (Bosco Wong) becomes a parent figure for his three younger sisters. His mother’s death and his father’s fall to drug addiction turned Yat-tsau into a very quick-tempered and chauvinistic man. Finding him too impulsive to be part of the Criminal Investigative Department, Yat-tsau’s superior transfers him to the K-9 unit to work with police dogs, hoping that the strict training would better shape hischaracter. Yat-tsau is assigned to work with a K-9 called Brother, but Brother does not take a liking to him. During this process, Yat-tsau steps on the wrong end of veterinarian Ma Chi-ho (Linda Chung), and the two strong personalities clash. But Chi-ho, who needs Yat-tsau’s help in mending her estranged relationship with younger brother Ma Chi-chung (Oscar Leung), volunteers to aide Yat-tsau in improving his relationship with Brother. Through Brother, Yat-tsau and Chi-ho develop an interesting partnership and chemistry. With Chi-ho’s help, Yat-tsau and Brother Bond. Brother also helps Yat-tsau track down the drug dealer Lui Kam-dong (Jerry Ku). Just as he is closer to solving the case, Yat-tsau’s partner and close friend Fai Chung-lim (Raymond Wong) breaks an unwritten rule in order to keep a secret, putting a dent on their brotherhood. This also gets Chung-lim’s girlfriend and Yat-tsau’s younger sister, Jil (Tracy Chu), into a near-fatal disaster. Kam-dong returns for revenge, and uses his younger twin brother Kam-bo, who has been working as an informant for the cops, to concoct a trap. Yat-tsau, Chi-ho, and Brother team up to save their friends.


Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 21 Episodes
Release Date: 09 February 2016
Cast: Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Tracy Chu, Oscar Leung, Angel Chiang, Rebecca Chan, Koo Ming Wah, Cecilia Fong
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