Lord Of Shanghai – 梟雄

20150321072342376Description:In a time when Shanghai was controlled bythe merciless warlords, sworn brothers Kiu Ngo Tin (Anthony Wong) and Kung Siu San (Wayne Lai) have to rely on each other. Together, the ruthless Siu San and the cunning Ngo Tin create a world of their own, but in order stay on top, Ngo Tin has no choice but to leave his past behind completely, including his confidant and true love Ku Siu Lau (Myolie Wu), a Peking opera apprentice.  Ngo Tin gets the attention of casino bossYiu Gwai Sang (Alice Chan), who recommends him to her husband Kam Tong (Kent Tong), Shanghai’s most powerful tycoon. Along with Siu San, Ngo Tin and Kam Tong become legendary figures in Shanghai, dominating all lands of The Bund.  But a single city cannot accommodate three leaders; Siu San and Kam Tong enter a battle for power, creating havoc in Shanghai. Ngo Tin uses this opportunity to suppress both of them, becoming the sole leader of China’s largest port city, controllingthe police and the underground triads on both fronts.  Amidst the glitz and the glamour, Shanghai enters a period of chaos when the Japanese Empire starts makingmoves to attack the city. To protect his people and the country, Ngo Tin donates his wealth and time to deflect the Japanese. But Siu San, inan attempt to save himself, becomes a traitor and works for the Japanese army. For his people, Ngo Tin has no choice but to forsake his family loyalty, and destroy everyone in his way.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 26 October 2015
Cast: Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Kent Tong, Myolie Wu, Louisa So, Ron Ng, Eddie Kwan, Alice Chan, Pierre Ngo, Jade Leung, Matt Yeung, Natalie Tong

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