Love as a Predatory Affair – 愛情食物鏈

Description: They say love is like a food chain. Having beauty and wealth is exactly like being on top of the hill—they are the most desirable, the most suitable, and the most likely to find alife partner. But should love be defined by materialism and physical appearances? Lo Kwai-fong (Kitty Yuen) is an average, short, thirty-something year-old food supplier agent who is completely inexperienced when it comes to love. But after helping the young restauranteur Lau Pak-yip (Jason Chan) and saving his business, the handsome businessman begins to appreciate Kwai-fong’s inner beauty and falls in love with her. But Kwai-fong’s neighbor and close friend, the beautiful Ko Kwai-fun (Samantha Ko), is not very pleased to find out about her friend’s new relationship. No matter what she does, she cannot seem to get Pak-yip to bat an eyelash at her. However, she does end up catching the attention of Taiwanese Ta-a noodles specialist Hung Hsien (King Kong), who is willing to do just about anything for her. Unable to win Pak-yip’s heart, Kwai-fun makes a move on his older brother, Lau Lei-ko (Timothy Cheng) instead. Meanwhile, Pak-yip and Kwai-fong’s relationship starts to approach a redlight as Pak-yip begins to face pressure from others due to their atypical pairing. Pak-yip and Kwai-fong’s relationship breaks the robustchain of love, and now the hunters and the hunted have to face challenges that they never thought they would have to face before.

Language: Cantonese
Episode: 20
Production Company: TVB
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Released Date: 11/1/2016
Cast: Kitty Yuen, King Kong, Jason Chan, Samantha Ko, Stephanie Ho, Brian Tse, C Gwan, Susan Tse

List Of Episodes | 所有集数:


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